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Double Glazing or Triple Glazing?

If you have new windows and doors should it be double or triple glazed?

A factual guide to the alternatives, a simple, honest guide based on our experience and the feedback from customers

Heat Loss

Although triple glazing is used in a number of very cold countries the difference is marginal when you compare it to the additional cost. When compared to an out side temperature of 21 degrees with single glazed units the internal temperature would be around 1 degree. This improves dramatically with modern double glazing which records a figure of 16 degrees inside the home. Triple glazing improves this to 18 degrees, it is a marginal improvement in comfort but nothing like the difference between single and double glazing.

Heat Absorption

When the sun is shining outside on a cool day the windows can actually contribute to the heating of your home. When sitting next to a window with the sun shining on you this is really obvious. Double glazing is actually better at turning the sun rays into a net contribution of heat into your home than the triple glazing. In this country, with our climate there is an argument that double glazing is better.


This is where we see a distinct benefit for triple glazing, but in reality only where there is a more constant source of noise outside the home, such as by a road or near a school. Those living in quieter areas are unlikely to see a difference.


Triple glazing costs a lot more than double glazing when supplied in the same quality frames. If you live in a noisy area and are keen to reduce the impact of external sounds then you should consider it. For others, if you were to add a liner to curtains you could gain more benefit than that offered for the energy benefits – and save yourself a lot of money!