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Daryl Collins, Owner of Colourchange UPVC

10 Year Warranty

Industry leading warranty schemes

All products supplied and installed by Colourchange UPVC come with a full 10 year warranty. For complete reassurance there are two levels of cover provided.

​Firstly at Colourchange UPVC we offer you our own warranty for up to 10 years (see below). As is generally industry standard, we also put in place an independent 10 year insurance backed policy.

Colourchange UPVC have a team of experienced and qualified fitters, the standard of work carried out is audited and tested. The company has undertaken a rigorous selection process to ensure that they deliver your home improvements to the very highest standards.

This qualification process means that we are able to offer the very best independent 10 year insurance backed guarantee for work undertaken by Colourchange UPVC

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Guarantee offered by Colourchange UPVC

Our guarantee offers up to 10 years cover on your purchase; the length of the cover depends on the product.

Frames are normally 10 years, glass is 5 years, hardware is typically 12 months.

The term and level of cover is dependent on the manufacturer that produces the items used for your installation. From experience we know that manufacturers change the level of cover offered which is why they are not all detailed in this document. Whilst we typically use the same suppliers for many products and are familiar with the terms offered, individual orders may come from specialist manufacturers to meet specific customer requirements. Details of the specific cover can be provided.

Should there be a need for you to claim against the guarantee we will be required to inspect the product to ensure that it has been maintained correctly. Manufacturers will cover claims that relate to defects in materials or manufacture.

The guarantee only comes into effect when the contract price is paid in full. The warranty will be invalidated if any of the products supplied are misused, damaged, rendered inoperative, neglected, dismantled by the owner or any unauthorised person, altered from the original specifications, or maintained in a manner other than set out in the attached Maintenance Guidelines below.

Maintenance guidelines:

The following maintenance procedures must be complied with to ensure that the guarantee is not invalidated.

UPVC Products:

(i) UPVC products should be cleaned at least once a year, more often if necessary, with a UPVC cleaner of a recognised kind.


(i) All hinges should be lubricated with silicon spray at least once a year and more if necessary.

(ii) All hinges should be checked every six (6) months to ensure they are in proper working order and should be maintained accordingly.


(i) Metal cleaners or polishers should not be used on lacquered surfaces as they will cause the finish to become dull.

(ii) Lacquered brass surfaces should be cleaned only with a damp cloth.


Glass should be cleaned with any recognised brand of domestic glass cleaner.

Frames coloured by Colourchange UPVC:

Coloured frames to be cleaned as stated in the Maintenance of Coloured Windows and Doors guide as given.

Colouring by Colourchange UPVC

UPVC products coloured by Colourchange UPVC are guaranteed for 10 years against peeling, flaking, and blistering. The warranty does not cover materials used to create a woodgrain effect.

Conservatory Building Work

(i) It is the company’s policy to complete conservatory bases to good building practice.

(ii) In the case of adverse ground conditions caused by severe weather, such as drought or flood, which results in subsidence, the Company does not guarantee their bases against damage which may be caused.

(iii) Any variations requested by the customer in the above specifications will not be covered by this guarantee.

(iv) Subject to the above all base building work is guaranteed for ten (10) years against faulty materials.

Claims Procedure

If a defect is claimed*

(i) The customer must notify the Company in writing within 21 days of the defect becoming apparent.

(ii) The company will, if necessary, visit the customer’s property at a time which fits into the Company’s journey plan for that area.

(iii) The Company reserves the right to charge the cost of such a call at any time.

(iv) If liability is accepted by the Company, proposals for rectification will be made to the customer in writing.

(v) On written confirmation by the customer that the Company’s proposals are acceptable, the Company will arrange to carry out the necessary work when parts are available, within the Company’s journey plan.

(vi) In the event of a dispute concerning defects in glass installed by the Company, Glass and Glazing Federation guidelines will be applied. Any defect that cannot be seen from more than three (3) metres away in direct sunlight will be considered to be a minor defect and will not be covered by the guarantee.

* Except when a defect is of a minor nature.

Transfer of Guarantee

The guarantee is transferable to subsequent owners of the property, applied for within 30 days of change of ownership. Subject to the manufacturers policies and maintenance procedures. Call outs to for inspections relating to work that is covered by the guarantee are free. Where the remedial work is not covered by the guarantee there will be a charge for the time taken – minimum call out charge is £50.


Any structural movement or damage caused to conservatories by exceptional freak weather conditions, such as severe gale’s, storms, rain, snow or floods will not be covered by this guarantee. The Company accepts no liability for any consequential loss incurred by the customer in the event of a defect becoming apparent in any product supplied.