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Should I open or close my windows in hot weather? 18th July, 2024

Should I open or close my windows in hot weather? Many visitors from hot countries find it amusing that people in the UK open their windows when it gets really hot.

The simple guideline is that if it is hotter outside than inside you should leave your windows closed until it cools down outside, this “traps” the cool air in your house.

Another issue in the UK is the humidity, leaving windows open when there are high humidity levels can raise moisture levels in your home increasing the likelihood of condensation and can contribute towards indoor mould growth.

When it cools down outside open a number of windows and you will create airflow refreshing the air and cooling your property.

With regards to conservatories with glass or polycarbonate roofs, hot sunny weather can create a “greenhouse effect”. Trapped air continues to increase in temperature, to prevent this open the conservatory windows and shut the doors connecting to the house – this will prevent excessive heating in the greenhouse and will isolate your house from the conservatory heat.

Alternatively get a replacement, Supalite, insulated roof and you can use the conservatory all year round.

Transforming your conservatory 20th May, 2024

As you drive around you may have noticed more tiled conservatory roofs. These insulated conservatory roofs are becoming more popular as people become familiar with the huge benefits that are offered.

If you own a conservatory with a glass roof or a poly carbonate roof you will have suffered the extreme heat of summer and the chill of the winter months.

Insulated conservatory roofs have been developed to overcome this issue. The process is quite simple, your existing roof is removed, and with the use of a strong aluminium ring beam and frame, a new roof is built onto your original structure. With energy saving insulation packed into the structure the inside is plaster boarded and then plastered and the exterior is covered with lightweight tiles.

The process means that you have a room that you can use all year round. Pop along to our show area where you can see a range of styles and designs.

All Change at Colourchange 3rd April, 2023

Colourchange UPVC, a home improvement business at Bentwaters near Woodbridge has a new exciting future ahead.

Local entrepreneur and joint founder of the “Paddy and Scotts” coffee business, Paddy Bishopp has become a majority shareholder and will work alongside Daryl Collins who launched the business over ten years ago.

When first established Colourchange was one of the first companies to provide colouring services for windows and doors. They expanded, selling and installing windows, doors and conservatories and in 2018 was shortlisted in the East Anglian Business Awards as “One to Watch”.

Colourchange launched a division called Suffolk Conservatory in recognition of the growing demand for insulated, tiled conservatory roofs. A year later Colourchange was recognised by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership as one of the fastest growing companies in Norfolk and Suffolk.

In 2020, responding to customer demand, the business launched Office Garden Rooms. With the skills, products, supply chains and experience from 40 years in the building trade they added bespoke garden offices to the range of products offered.

Founder of Colourchange, Daryl Collins, explained that the business had grown substantially and that he had approached Headwater, specialists in selling and valuing businesses. “I recognised that I had built the business as far as I could, I needed to find a new owner that could take the business to the next level”

Paddy Bishopp, joint owner of Headwater was so impressed with the business that he decided to buy it himself. “Daryl has created a fabulous business, incredible products, a fantastic team and the timing was perfect for us all. Daryl remains a shareholder and continues to work in the business sharing his 40 years of building experience”.

Julian Evans, who has been working with Daryl in an advisory role for the past six years will be leading the team forward in his new role as Managing Director. Julian said “This is an exciting change, an amazing opportunity for the business. Over the past five years customer feedback consistently scores over 95/100. We have a choice of products to suit all customers, our skilled installers and paint team are exceptional. A fabulous base to start on a new era.”

When asked about future plans Julian said: “We will be growing and we will be recruiting more local people. Paddy and I want the business to be known as the best place to work for in the industry. We know that having the best people on our team means we will excel. A huge proportion of our business comes from recommendations, having the right people doing the right job delivers customer satisfaction.”

Tiled, insulated conservatory roof. 13th March, 2023

Customers often ask us whether adding an insulated roof to their conservatory will really make a difference. It can be difficult to describe the change without sounding like we are exaggerating.

When changing a polycarbonate conservatory roof or a glass roof to a fully insulated conservatory roof you're replacing a sheet of plastic or a plane of glass with a complex roofing structure that contains 150mm of the best insulation on the market.

An insulated, tiled conservatory roof offers many benefits. In addition to making your room warmer, homeowners will find that they really can use the room all year round. Meeting all the building regulation requirements the new roof transforms your conservatory into a room. The extra living space will be cheaper to heat and, when it comes to selling your home, having an additional room will increase the value.

Call today to get a quote for your new conservatory roof.

Summary of 2022 Customer Reviews 16th January, 2023

On completion of an installation customers from Suffolk Conservatory, Office Garden Rooms, Suffolk Windows and Doors and parent company Colourchange UPVC are asked to complete a feedback form, the following information is taken from these forms. From the 55 forms received in 2022 the total client satisfaction score was 2,711 out of 2,750 which is 98.6%.

This is a good improvement on last year and our best result since recording the scores.

"Just emailing you to say what an amazing job Tony & Mark did for me. Plus the guy who did the plastering , mustn't forget him! I'm really pleased with their efforts, they work efficiently & thoroughly to achieve a lovely extra room for me. All done cheerfully in a friendly manner despite horrible weather that got chucked at them on the first day. Thank you very much."

"Just to say thank you for dealing with our sunroom so efficiently. It was a pleasure to have Kevin working here. The work was carried out to a high standard and in a professional manner, everything was always cleaned up very well before he left. He is a credit to Colourchange."

"Staff were always very polite and professional. They gave us a lot of confidence in themselves by the way they worked and treated our home with respect. We are very happy with the team"

"The after sales service is brilliant. I'm very glad that I ordered from you"

"Extremely impressed with both Chris and Ian, an absolute pleasure to have them working on the property.

Both were extremely conscientious and honest, pointing out any issues, which they were quick to rectify, or suggest rectification.

A credit to the company. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to friends and colleagues.

Many thanks for all your hard work and hope to see you again."

You can find all the reviews here:

How long will it take to get new double glazing? 9th January, 2023

Over the past three years the home improvement industry has struggled with the supply chain of materials.

In the height of the Covid pandemic we were waiting as long as six months for windows or glass. It was frustrating to get a delivery of products only to find they were missing handles, hinges or some other small component that was not available because of a factory lock down somewhere in the world.

Prior to this if we needed a standard white window we would have got it within two weeks. Now we are working to around 10 working days.

How long will it take to get new double glazing?

From the point that you pay your deposit and your survey is completed we will order your products. We would expect to receive them in the second or third week after the order is placed.

Once they arrive and are booked in here and have been checked we will schedule your work to be installed. Currently this would be around four weeks after we receive them. Realistically you should have your new windows installed within eight weeks of ordering them.

Christmas Opening Times 15th November, 2022

Our offices will be open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm until Friday 23rd November when we will close for our Christmas break.

We will open again on Tuesday 3rd November.

Merry Christmas

Changes to the way houses are to be built 9th May, 2022

Have you heard about the changes to the rules coming into force on 15th June?

All new dwellings will have to undertake significant new changes to mitigate against soaring summer temperatures. The main emphasis is on ventilation, windows, doors, trickle vents and for some properties extractors and specialist air flow equipment.

With summers predicted to reach 40C the fear is that “solar gain” means our homes will become too hot.

Does this stop you changing your windows and doors? No.

The legislation has been put in place for new dwellings not ones that have already been built – with one exception, the ventilation.

It seems a little odd that the ventilation of a window or door is an issue, both could open and let air flow! It is not always sensible to leave the windows and doors open, the alternative is the trickle vent. From June trickle vents are fitted to all new windows. A trickle vent is situated in the top of the window frame and allows air flow to pass through a gap in the window frame. Trickle vents aid ventilation and help to reduce condensation.

All window frames supplied by us are manufactured to meet the latest U values, this is a measure used for heat gain/heat loss. Windows frames are sourced by Colourchange UPVC and are available in any colour. We supply a range of windows from Veka, Roseview windows and Residence R7 and R9 windows. The majority of the windows tend to be the excellent Veka System 10 windows in the normal profile or flush fit. The System 10 windows are excellent value, combining excellent construction, performance and appearance.

Glazing is normally double glazing, sealed units with top energy rating. Occasionally we would recommend triple glazing but the majority of installation really don’t need, or would benefit sufficiently from this option.

We are home improvement specialists, based near Woodbridge in Suffolk. If you are looking for double glazing, doors or a conservatory please give us a call. One of our team will come and discuss what you are looking for and prepare a quote for you.

We seek prices from all the manufacturers in order to provide a realistic, competitive price for you. The quote takes about two weeks to put together.

New Composite Front Doors 25th April, 2022

A new front door offers you many benefits including security, draft proofing, improved insulation and of course it looks great too.

Whether you are looking for a traditional style to suit a town house, a cottage style door for country house or a contemporary design for a modern home there is a huge selection of styles. With Colourchange UPVC you also have an incredible colour choice - over 30,000 colours!!

Covering the Suffolk Coast area from Southwold to Felixstowe and inland to Ipswich, Colourchange UPVC has fitted over 1,000 doors since opening ten years ago. With a showroom in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge customers can see a variety of doors and pick up brochures.

What is a composite door made of?

The materials in a composite door vary with the manufacturer. Often there is a solid wooden frame, some have a wooden core and others have solid insulating foam inside. The shell is either Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) or UPVC this provides a strong and durable exterior surface. Composite doors are usually made in a mould, the materials are layered together and glued using a lots of pressure and heat. The process enables the wood effect grain to be added giving a door the appearance of a traditional wooden door.

The materials and manufacturing process means that a composite door has great strength, durability and look fabulous - plus you don't have the maintenance that is necessary on a natural wooden door.

At Colourchange UPVC we mainly install mid range composite doors which offer the best value. The budget ranges have cheaper locking mechanisms, locks, handles and hinges, these are the components that are frequently used and we advise customers to spend a little more and have a product which will last longer.

Standard colours or a designer door? What colour do you want for your new door?

Choosing the style of door that you know will suit your home and the perfect colour sounds like it should be easy. Sadly, we frequently find customers that find the style but struggle with the limited choice of standard colours. That’s where Colourchange UPVC can help you.

Colourchange UPVC started their business as a specialist colouring company having developed a colour bonding system that enabled them to colour UPVC windows and doors (we also colour aluminium doors and windows). Using this colour bonding system, you can choose a colour for your door from a range of over 30,000 shades – you are sure to find exactly what you require from that range!

Double Glazed Windows 28th March, 2022

If you are looking for cheap double glazed windows you may notice that few independent business are selling them. There is a lot of difference between quality double glazing at competitive prices and cheap double glazing.

Cheap double glazing is lower in price because the manufacturers have kept their costs down, normally this is by making the UPVC lighter, not as strong, or reducing the reinforced internal structures. The glass is pretty uniform so all the savings have to be in the frame.

Good local, independent, double glazing companies normally steer clear of these frames because all windows and doors are guaranteed for 10 years and they don't want to have to return for repairs and adjustments!

We offer a range of UPVC and aluminium windows in a variety of styles. Around 80% sold here are the renowned Veka Halo, System 10 frames. Proven over time to be good, strong, solid windows that can be offered at a sensible price.

Pop along to our showrooms near Woodbridge to see the range of double or triple glazed windows on offer.

Turn your conservatory into a room 28th March, 2022

If you have a dated conservatory with a poly-carbonate roof you can transform it with a lightweight, insulated roof.

The process is relatively simple with your old roof coming off and a new one built onto your existing frames. The difference is incredible.

With a poly-carbonate roof any heating is immediately lost through the thin plastic layer and in the full sunlight the opposite happens and the conservatory can turn into a greenhouse and be too hot to use. We install mainly the "SupaLite" roofing system which has a huge amount of insulation.

This insulation allows to use your conservatory like a normal room in the winter, any heating is not immediately lost through the roof. In the Summer it protects the room from over heating allowing year round use.

These roofs are not just practical, they look good too. On the outside it looks like a single storey extension and with the plastered ceiling inside it looks just like another room in the home.

How much does a new conservatory roof cost?

That question is not easy to answer - it depends if you have a lean to, edwardian, victorian, gable end, double hipped roof etc and the size has a big impact too. Access, roofline, drainage and overflow pipes all impact on the price, along with the construction material of your house. Starting prices are £4,500 - realistically not many are that price!

If you would like to replace your conservatory roof please give us a call and we would be happy to provide a free quotation for you having made a site visit.

Save on your energy bills 25th February, 2022

The surging cost of gas bills, increases in electricity prices and the rise in oil prices are hitting us all hard. Plus with Putin’s war we are set to suffer further increases.

With new windows and doors you can make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy bills and save money year after year. Adding an insulated roof to your conservatory will also dramatically change the way you heat and use this part of your home allowing you to use it all year round.

Not only will you save money on your heating but you will have a more comfortable home. New double glazed windows and new doors reduce the heat loss which means you will have less droughts and cold spots.

New windows and doors will also insulate your home against external noise and help reduce the condensation build up on the inside of windows.

If you have older double glazing is your gap between the panes the right size. Modern double glazed units are 28mm wide, filled with an insert gas like argon, xenon or krypton which provide better insulation than air. Earlier windows were just 14mm, changing these will give dramatic improvements.

You don’t have to replace everything at once, customers often do windows in phases as their budget permits. Contact us today for a quote.

Christmas and New Year Opening times 13th December, 2021

Merry Christmas to all our customers

We will be closed from 1 pm on the 23rd December opening again on Tuesday 4th January

Coloured composite doors 25th October, 2021

When you're looking for an individual colour and the manufacturers are not offering the choice you need there is a solution.

Before the door is installed, we can colour it for you. The choice of colours is nearly endless so we will find a shade that you are looking for.

At Colourchange we provide colouring services for the trade as well as our own retail customers so if you have not found a door that we can supply, or are beyond the area that we offer installation services you can speak to your supplier about getting it sent to us to colour.

At Colourchange we have the experience, knowledge and all the equipment to deliver the very best finish which is guaranteed for 10 years. Having been established over 10 years ago we know our paint finishes do last that period of time! The guarantee covers blistering, cracking, and flaking.

If you are looking for a different colour for your windows, doors or conservatory - choose Colourchange.

Blinds for windows and conservatories 17th May, 2021

When installing new windows and conservatories many customers ask about blinds, we have teamed up with a local business called Fine Blinds in Needham Market.

As an independent retailer the owner, Simon Fitch is able to source and install the latest designs and styles to suit your home. Based in Needham Market, Fine Blinds are located at 68 High Street, within Needham Carpets.

Call Simon on 01449 723998 or email

How Your Windows & Doors Can Help You Save On Your Energy Bills 16th April, 2021

Do you ever feel as though your energy bills just keep climbing higher and higher?

Unfortunately, this may get worse before it gets better. In April 2021, energy costs are expected to rise as the Ofgem Energy Price Cap is raised from £1,032 to £1,138 per year for both gas and electricity. This means that your bills are likely to go up in the near future. Even if you’re using the same amount of energy.

But don’t worry, you’re not powerless to protect yourself from this increase in cost. Your windows and doors can be invaluable in helping you to save money on your heating and energy bills, all year round.

Saving on energy bills; Why are my bills so high?

Believe it or not, it might not be because you’re using too much energy. The reason why your bills are so high could be that you’re losing the heat energy through your windows, doors, roof and walls. What’s more, you could be on a punishingly expensive energy tariff. Especially if it’s been years since you switched suppliers.

The folks at Switch-Plan could tell you a thing or two about how to save on energy bills. Not to mention, they could save you up to £300 per year by helping you switch to a better energy plan and tariff. However, unless you address the issues that are causing the energy you’re paying for from literally flying out of the window, you won’t make optimal savings.

How choosing the right doors and windows can help you save on energy bills. ?

You may be surprised. Even if you have double glazing already, replacing your windows and doors with more energy-efficient equivalents. They can seal the heat energy you’re paying for indoors, where it belongs. What’s more, they can absorb and retain the free heat energy you’re getting from the sun. But that’s not all. During the summer months, they can also keep the house cool, thereby saving you on the cost of air conditioning.

How is the energy efficiency of windows rated?

What makes the difference between good double glazed windows and great double glazed windows? In most cases, it’s the quality of the insulation that they offer. The British Fenestration Ratings Council has developed a standardised way of measuring the quality of the windows and doors you buy. BFRC ratings range from A++ to E based on how many kWh per square meter they can help you save. A++ rated windows and doors can save over 20 kWh per square meter.

How much could you save on your energy bills by replacing your windows and doors?

Your savings will depend on the size of your property and the quality of your windows and doors. However, replacing the windows in a 3 bedroom house with BFRC A++ rated windows could save around £200 per year.

Combine this with the £300 per year you could save by switching energy suppliers regularly with the Switch-Plan team, and you have a formula for brilliant savings on your energy bills. All year, every year!

Excellent window and door installation 52 out of 50 5th March, 2021

We are proud to have excellent teams of experienced fitters for windows, doors and conservatories. One of recent reviews scored 12 out of 10 for the superb work carried out by Andy and Ryan.

Office Garden Rooms 15th February, 2021

Our window, door and conservatory show area in Rendlesham near Woodbridge, Suffolk is also home to Office Garden Rooms

With the number of people working from home increasing at an incredible rate the demand for fully insulated work spaces has more than doubled in a short period of time.

Whilst some people are upgrading their conservatories with a new insulated roof others are opting to move into purpose built garden rooms.

Visit our show area to find out more

Another great review 5th February, 2021

"We wanted to use a local firm with a good reputation and were not disappointed. We are very pleased with the completed job. Daryl was very helpful in advising us on the various options and didn't try to "sell" us more expensive solutions. We highly recommend Colourchange.

See all our reviews on our Suffolk Conservatory site Click here

Launch of New Office Garden Rooms 14th December, 2020

We have been busy developing a range of garden offices and have opened our first show building at our show area in Rendlesham.

Office Garden Rooms create bespoke Garden Offices, Garden Rooms, Pods for the Garden and Garden Studios. Drawing on 30 years of building experience and the latest build technology from our conservatory business we have created fully insulated timber structures that you can use all year round. Find out more from our website.Click here

This business expansion has been supported by

New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership, through the Business Resilience and Recovery Grant Scheme.

How To Sustainably And Efficiently Renovate Your New Home With The Help Of Colour Change UPVC 6th November, 2020

Home renovation is exciting, as it allows you to further customise the space in which you live, as well as make some big choices surrounding the efficiency of your home. Renovating your home is not only an exercise in personalisation, but also in sustainability. From opting for green energy tariffs, such as Economy 10 electricity, to eco-friendly renovation, you can make lots of changes to improve the efficiency and overall look of your home, without sacrificing your eco-responsibility. Our services at Colourchange UPVC allow you to compliment your home with renovated windows, doors, and conservatories in a range of colours and models, while keeping your home secure and energy efficient.

Improve the efficiency of your home, starting with your roof

Opting for a green energy tariff, or a sustainable energy plan, is all well and good, but if you are losing heat through a poorly insulated home, then there’s not much point in investing in renewables at home. Insulating your walls, windows, doors and roof brings a whole range of benefits, from saving money to protecting the environment. Colour Change UPVC offers a range of insulated roofs for your conservatory to ensure that you aren’t losing out on money nor energy. Without a doubt, warmroof is our most favoured service. It allows you to completely transform your old conservatory roof with fully insulated materials, allowing you to use it all year round. In Suffolk, there is a beautiful range of house types, all of which require different styles and compliments. That’s why we have such an extensive range of conservatories, as well as alternatives to conservatories, to add value to your property and improve its functionality.

Keep your windows secure

Did you know that over 10% of your home’s energy can be lost through poorly insulated windows? Opting for double or triple glazing will slow down the transfer of heat from inside your home to the outside, helping you keep energy trapped in during the cold winter months. Moreover, during the summer, well-fitted and energy efficient windows can ensure that your home remains cool, despite the rising temperatures outside.

Customise your front door, while keeping your home safe and warm

Colourchange UPVC offer an extensive range of doors for your home, UPVC doors which are made from reinforced steel, to a classically designed composite door. Whichever model you choose, you can customise the facade of your home by choosing from an array of colours, materials and glazing options, while also being energy efficient.

Get yourself some roofline…

Directly below the roof and eaves of your property, there is some cladding, fascias of soffits which form the ‘roofline’. Over time, these materials can crack or rot, reducing the efficiency of your home. By opting for UPVC roofline, you can be reassured that it will last far longer, look great and require next to no maintenance. Renovating and insulating your home isn’t just about the big changes, but it’s also in the small details.

Head over to our showroom

Popping over to our showroom will show you first hand all the services we offer. You can have a chat with our experts about what is best for your home, and browse our products.

Warmer in the winter - Transform your conservatory 28th September, 2020

"The difference is quite stunning"

Replacing your existing conservatory roof with a lightweight, insulated roof with a tiled appearance not only enhances your home visually but lets you use the space all year round.

We are the regions specialists in conservatory roof replacements using the latest technology, many years of experience and the best products at competitive prices.

Visit our showroom and see the options available.

Great to see the reviews again 27th July, 2020

With the additional safety measures in place we have missed the written feedback from our customers - we were delighted that some customers took a moment to send us an email.

"Very Polite, cleaned everything up afterwards. Lovely lads, done a brilliant job" 50/50 Mrs Titman, Ipswich

"I just want to send my sincere thanks and appreciation for a great product and installation. Your installers were extremely professional, courteous and friendly" 50 /50 Mr Lock, Saxmundham

Green Homes Grant Scheme 13th July, 2020

The Government have announced a new Green Homes Grant scheme. The scheme will see vouchers, worth up to £5,000 issued to homeowners in England to make their homes more energy efficient.

Launching in September we still don’t know how the scheme will work and when the vouchers will be available from.

What is being reported so far is:

As part of the Green Homes Grant scheme, eligible homeowners will be able to use the vouchers to help pay for environmentally friendly improvements such as installing loft, floor and wall insulation or double-glazing – we don’t know if it will include doors and insulated conservatory roofs yet.

What is the Green Homes Grant?

The scheme, as we understand it, will see the Government giving homeowners in England vouchers towards the cost of energy efficient improvements, which should cover much – and in some cases all – of the cost.

People will have to apply for a voucher once the scheme is up and running in September. Once received they will then be able to spend it to improve their homes.

The aim of the scheme is to help homeowners and promote energy efficiency, but also to help boost the economy during the coronavirus pandemic by creating jobs. We certainly expect to be busier and are already looking for extra staff.

What can I buy with the vouchers?

The Treasury says the vouchers can pay for "green improvements such as loft, wall and floor insulation", while Business Secretary Alok Sharma has indicated that double-glazing will also be included.

The Government hasn't yet given a complete list, so other improvements may also be covered, we expect doors to be included and understand that boilers for central heating will not.

How much will the vouchers be worth?

Most homeowners will qualify for a maximum of £5,000 per household. The Government scheme will cover two thirds of the cost. For example, if you are replacing windows and the bill comes to £4,500, the scheme would provide vouchers to the value of £3,000 and you would pay the balance of £1,500 (you get your new windows for £1,500!)

Low income families can qualify for £10,000 worth of improvements without the requirement to pay anything.

New windows and doors with the additional energy saving will also mean that homeowners save money year after year. This sounds like an excellent deal for homeowners.

Who will be able to get the vouchers?

The Government said it hopes the scheme will help pay for improvements in over 600,000 homes across England – so the vouchers should be fairly widely available. There has been no indication that the grants will be linked to household income and we await confirmation.

The threshold for the £10,000 hasn’t been released yet and we await details of that too.

How can I apply for a voucher?

Patience will be required! The scheme is set to be launched at “some point” in September. Applications for grants will need to be made online.

We believe that there will be recommended accredited suppliers. As a specialist, established business with trained, tested and certified fitters we would expect to qualify. Once we have provided a quote and the work has been approved, a voucher will be issued.

It is worth noting that the Government hasn't said how long it could take for an application to be approved and a voucher issued. I think that there will be a mad rush at the start so you may want to find your product and price early!

Will any company be able to do this – or is it just specific installers?

No, only registered and certified businesses will be able to undertake the work.

With the Green Deal negotiating with suppliers was difficult because the numbers were limited and prices were inflated.

We have never enhanced our prices to reduce them with artificial discounts, and we are not about to start. This means that you really will get a massive saving.

I was planning to order double-glazing now – should I wait?

As explained there may be an assessment needed to get these vouchers – and not everyone may be able to get what they want.

We have four simple values Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Value.

We don’t know the details yet, but the programme does look like it will be very attractive, and it would be wrong for us to say you shouldn’t wait.

Now that causes us a problem because we are just coming out of lockdown and getting back into the flow of things. But it would run against the ethics of our business to infer that it is not worth waiting to find out more detail.

Whilst it may not be the best time to place an order you should still come and see us and get a quotation to ensure that you are closer to the front of the queue when the vouchers are issued.

I already have an order with you – will I still get vouchers?

We do not know if the government will backdate the scheme and whether you can apply retrospectively. We do not believe that will be the case.

We will try and help wherever we can, but I guess that if you have paid a deposit the government will not support a claim. This will be immensely frustrating for some but please be patient with us, it is a position that the government has placed us in and not any action that we have undertaken.

Please be aware that we would have ordered your products and the price of your deposit will not cover the costs that we would have incurred. Because windows and doors are measured for individual houses they have no value once manufactured because no two doors and windows are exactly the same.

Insulated Garden offices at Colourchange UPVC 29th May, 2020

Work is underway to develop our new Garden Office show area at our base in Rendlesham, Near Woodbridge, Suffolk

We will be offering a range from the budget home office to models that are at the top of the range in terms of construction but with a cheaper price tag!

Sorry show rooms closed until further notice - but you can still call us. 23rd March, 2020

Following the advice of the government we will be closing our show area until we receive notification that it is safe for our staff, and our customers to re-open.

If you would like a quotation or to discuss a project that you are looking to undertake please telephone Daryl on 01394 420774

Please follow the governement guidelines and stay safe.

Coronavirus and Colourchange UPVC 16th March, 2020

As a business, we are continuing to monitor and abide by all government and NHS guidelines with regards to coronavirus. We take the welfare of our staff and customers seriously and have the following guidelines in place to limit the risks.

We advise all our staff to partake in the following:-

• Wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds

• Always wash your hands when you get home or into work

• Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available

• Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze

• Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards

• Try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell

• Use antibacterial products regularly on telephones, keyboards and other items that may be shared

• Use antibacterial products on door handles

• Stay at home if you have a temperature

• Stay at home if you have a persistent cough

We respectfully request that all visitors and customers follow the following instruction:-

Due to the risk of Covid-19, if you do feel unwell, please do not enter the show area or offices, and if you start to feel unwell during your visit, please leave the premises immediately.

For customers expecting an installation please notify us at the earliest opportunity if you or a member of the household:

• Is in “self-isolation”,

• Has a persistent cough

• Has a temperature

• Or has other symptoms associated with a Coronavirus.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Show area for new conservatories 17th February, 2020

We are steadily getting the conservatories built and plan to have the new styles finished by Easter.

The new conservatory show area will have 8 conservatory designs in total, 7 of these have insulated roofs.

Based near Woodbridge in Suffolk the conservatories will provide customers with a fantastic choice of conservatory roofs, aluminium and UPVC windows, French doors, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and composite doors.

Reviews from Colourchange UPVC and Suffolk Conservatory 10th January, 2020

On completion of an installation customers from Suffolk Conservatory and parent company Colourchange UPVC are asked to complete a feedback form, the following information is taken from these forms. From the 45 forms received in 2019 the total client satisfaction score was 2,205 out of 2,250 which is 98%. This is the second year in a row that we achieved a 9.8 out of 10 rating. 35 out of the 45 customers gave us a 50 out of 50 rating. (the survey covers the type of work undertaken, time taken to do the work, cleanliness of the team, friendly and professional interaction, overall performance of the fitting team).

See the reviews for 2020 here:

Another new Conservatory 20th December, 2019

Here is a recent project, a new conservatory with an insulated conservatory roof.

This provides the home with a room that can be used all year round. The plastered vaulted ceiling with lighting completes the project providing an extra reception room.

Christmas Opening Times 9th December, 2019

We are open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday - until Friday 20th December.

Our offices will be closed from Monday 23rd December to Monday 6th January.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Working with the Police and Community Clubs of Great Britain 22nd November, 2019

We are delighted to be working with the Police and Community Clubs of Great Britain, helping young people in local communities.

​The Police and Community Clubs of Great Britain is an organisation run by serving and retired police officers. Working with the Home Office and education specialists, a series of citizenship programmes have been developed to support teachers and parents addressing bullying, vandalism, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, knife crime and other sensitive subjects like staying safe on the internet.

Thanks to Colourchange UPVC children and teachers at the Rendlesham Primary School will now use the books and educational resources to teach them about Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying as well as the dangers of social media, on-line gaming and the importance of keeping their personal information safe.

The book, Caught in the Web, is part of the Barney and Echo series and also comes with educational resources aimed at providing fun and interactive ways for primary school children to learn about important social issues.

Daryl, owner of Colourchange UPVC said:

“We are proud to have been involved with this important community initiative. It has been great to be able to contribute and support our local childrens education by sponsoring the Caught in the Web books. We would like to wish all the children good luck as they work through the educational resources.”

Kelly Griffiths is the Barney and Echo books UK project director.

“The Police Community Clubs of Great Britain would like to thank all local community-minded businesses who have backed this school campaign- without them many children would be without this vital educational resource,” she said.

Recommended installers of windows, doors and conservatories 8th November, 2019

At Colourchange UPVC and our Suffolk Conservatory division, our customers frequently score us 50 out of 50, with "excellent" as our comment. This relates to the installation of windows, doors and conservatories, the quality of the product, the professionalism of our staff, and the quality of work undertaken by the teams of fitters. Visit our review pages to find out more.

Celebrate Christmas in your conservatory 30th September, 2019

Transform your conservatory into a room you can use all year round - including Christmas Day!

By simply replacing your existing conservatory roof with an insulated roof you can transform a conservatory into a room that you can use all year round.

There is still time to have yours done by Christmas - we have just two installation weeks left so you will need to hurry!

Pop along to our showroom and see the difference it makes.

Coloured UPVC cladding 27th September, 2019

At Colourchange UPVC we can create any colour you choose for your cladding, windows, doors or your entire conservatory.

Using the latest colour bonding technology and our colour mixing equipment we can create the perfect colour for you whether your project is using UPVC or aluminium.

On this example our customer came in with a colour swatch which we were able to match with a RAL colour code.

New conservatory show area moving ahead in Suffolk. 16th August, 2019

Colourchange UPVC build new conservatory displays in their showroom near Woodbridge in Suffolk.

The team are taking advantage of the poor weather that has held back some scheduled work. They have taken the opportunity to continue the building work on the new conservatory show area.

The new conservatories will feature the latest insulated conservatory roofs and roof glazing.

Reduce the temperature in your conservatory 29th July, 2019

If you enjoy your conservatory but find it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter then you need an insulated conservatory roof.

Recently a conservatory with a Supalite insulated roof in our show area in Rendlesham recorded a temperature of 25 degrees C (76 degrees F), at the same time our traditional conservatory area had gone off the scale - above 50 degrees C (120 plus degrees F).

These roofs are manufactured to install as a replacement to your existing roof. They are developed to spread the weight and are tested under all adverse conditions. (Some systems that are used on existing roofing structures can fail if they have to carry the weight of snow).

Visit our show area today to find out more or give us a call.

Another Conservatory completed. 22nd July, 2019

As the weather heats up customers really appreciate a having an insulated conservatory roof. The feedback below is from a customer who recently had a Supalite roof fitted - it sums up the benefits nicely:

"We would like to thank you and your staff for the recent works you did for us. We are very happy with the new roof and doors and have already used it more in the last month than in the previous 4 years. Max also loves it he can play in and out all day and sleep in there at night. So thank you very much"

3D printed windows 5th July, 2019

We had to look twice when we read a trade article about 3D printed windows - how does that work?

VEKA, a quality manufacturer of UPVC windows have devised a way to create new window designs using 3D printing technology.

This allows them to develop life size models to which furniture can be added (hinges, locks, handles etc). These can be tried and tested before going into production using the traditional methods.

Sponsorship of Stowmarket U18's football team 10th May, 2019

Colourchange UPVC are delighted to be the main sponsor for the Stowmarket U18's football team.

Daryl Collins, owner of Colourchange UPVC said:

"We recognise the importance and benefit of these community groups. Run by volunteers, these clubs often struggle to find financial support and we were happy to help with the team sponsorship"

Colourchange UPVC chose various events and activities to support each year. From the St Elizabeth Hospice London to Paris charity ride in 2017, Runway Sunday event in Rendlesham last year, for the hospice again. This year Stowmarket Under 18's football team and the Wickham Market Sportive cycle ride in aid of the East of England Ambulance Service.

Single Storey Extensions 29th April, 2019

From “Grand Designs”, “Love it or List it”, “Ugly house to Lovely house” or one of the multitude of broadcasted TV make over shows, there is a common theme – Single storey extensions.

One of the questions that we are often asked at Colourchange UPVC is “what is the difference between a single storey extension and a conservatory?”

When conservatories were simply made of upvc frames, glass and a polycarbonate roof there was a significant difference. But now we see bifold doors, insulated roofs, supporting brickwork, fitted out with underfloor heating and integrated lighting and sound systems the gap between the modern conservatory and a single storey extension has narrowed.

If you are looking to develop your property with a single storey extension here are things to consider.

Budget is clearly key – for a standard project plan £1,500 to £1,900 a square meter, add around 5% for architects fees, engineer and survey fees may add another £1,000 to £2,000. Don’t forget the VAT!

Planning permission – there is no easy answer. You may be able to extend within “planning development rights”, avoiding the need for planning permission, if your project height and footprint meet permitted development criteria. You will certainly need to comply with all building regulations.

Colourchange UPVC, specialists in providing UPVC and aluminium colouring services for retail and trade customers, have a dedicated single story extension and conservatory installation team under their “Suffolk Conservatory” brand. Make your project easier with their office team who take care of all the legal requirements, plan the project and make it easier for you.

A new extensive show area is being developed in Rendlesham, near Woodbridge where customers will be able to see the different ranges of product available.

Supalite Registered Installer 29th April, 2019

Supalite tiled roof systems are one of the most popular for single storey extensions. Designed and perfected to give maximum insulation benefits combined with the technology to protect your building from condensation issues the Supalite roofs offer complete peace of mind.

Colourchange UPVC are the only Registered Supalite installer in Suffolk. We have the training, experience and knowledge that you can depend upon to undertake your building project.

Give us a call for a free quaotation.

Easter Opening times at Colourchange UPVC 15th April, 2019

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend has seen a shift over the past 10 years. Where it was once a busy time for home improvements and the property market there has been a shift towards the family and treating the period as a time for a holiday and a break from work.

Our opening times over Easter reflect this change:

Thursday 18th April open 9am to 5pm

Good Friday 19th April - closed

Easter Saturday 20th April - closed

Easter Sunday 21st April - closed

Easter Monday 22nd April - closed

Tuesday 23rd April open 9am to 5pm

Have a wonderful Easter

Tips about condsensation and ventilation 25th March, 2019

Do you remember times before houses were packed with loft insulation, before cavity wall insulation and double glazing? Houses with single glazed windows had ice on the inside, draughty floor boards and a howling gale that came through the windows and doors, the “central heating” was a fire place or a range!.

As we drive forward with more energy efficiency, better insulation, draught-proof windows, doors and floors we have sealed up our houses, at the same time made our homes warmer than ever before.

Modern living has resulted in people living in smaller spaces with tumble dryers, radiators, house plants and more showers/baths. All these add moisture to your home – this creates a dramatic increase in warm, water laden air.

For security and insulation reasons, we also don’t leave our windows open. Why spend money heating a place to open windows and have that cold air flow in and the hot air rush out?

The result is a developing problem in modern houses. we have a problem with condensation, mouldy walls. Mould around windows, peeling paint around windows, a line of mould on the wall/ceiling line.

This is the reason trickle ventilators were specified in building regulations in the 90's. All new builds and extensions had to be fitted with trickle vents. Today there are Positive Input Ventilation Systems which can be installed but window trickle vents are a cheaper and easier option.

So if you are thinking about replacing your old windows which already have trickle vents, your new windows will need to have them too (assuming they were required under the original building regulation requirement when they were installed) The new vents should offer at least the same capacity as the existing outgoing vents.

What creates the biggest problem?

The most common contributors to high levels of water laden air in the home are towels on radiators, showers and boiling on the hob.

Simple steps can be taken to help.

Following a shower open the window and close the door to the bathroom. Let the air circulate in the bathroom and the water laden air will be replaced with fresh air. This saves all this moisture spreading around the house.

Boiling on the hob – install and then use an extractor fan, as you see the water levels decrease in the pot all the water is circulating around your house without and extractor fan.

Towels on radiators create large amounts of moisture which becomes airborne. Open a window directly above the radiator to allow the moisture filled air to be replenished.

Conservatory showroom growing bigger 25th March, 2019

The team from Sydney Bales and Co Construction were busy over the weekend building up the brickwork and bases for the new conservatory show area. We will have the largest range of insulated conservatory roofs in Suffolk, if not East Anglia.

98% score for customer satsfaction 22nd March, 2019

On completion of an installation, whether a conservatory, windows, doors or roofline, customers are asked to complete a feedback form which scores our performance out of 10 for:

Work completed in acordance of the scope of the contract.

Completing the job in a timely manner.

Cleanliness of the site.

The friendly and professional nature of our staff.

Overall performance of the fitting team.

From March 2018 to March 2019 the total client satisfaction score was 4,364 out of 4,450 which is 98%.

The average score accross all five areas was 9.8 out of 10.

We want the best conservatory show area in Suffolk 8th March, 2019

When people are looking for a conservatory, windows or doors we understand that seeing the real thing, touching, feeling and comparing products is a really important element when making a decision.

It is our aim to provide the best range and choice of double glazed windows, composite doors, insulated conservatory roofs and styles of conservatory in Suffolk.

It's quite a goal that we are setting ourselves and it make take us a while to get there but the next big step is underway and we hope to have a whole new set of conservatories up and ready by Easter.

A new trend in grey windows? 28th February, 2019

Coloured windows, doors and conservatories. For the last 4 years Anthracite grey has been the number 1 colour that our specialist colouring unit has asked for. But is there a new trend developing?

RAL 7005 has is being requested more and more. Much lighter than the Anthracite which has a deep grey/purple tone, the RAL7005 known with the less appealing name of "Mouse Grey" is lighter, but dark enough to provide good contrast, being lighter also suggests that it will show less dust.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes the new grey!

Our conservatory show area is being extended 28th February, 2019

When you're looking for windows, doors or a conservatory you want to make sure that you are chosing the right products for your home. The best way to do that is by seeing, touching and comparing the real thing.

We recognise this which is why we are extending our showarea to provide you with more examples. If the weather holds and all goes to plan we will be sorted in time for Easter.

Window, door and conservatory fitter required 1st February, 2019

Window, door, conservatory fitter required. We are getting ready for another year of growth and need to strengthen our team of great fitters.

Unlike many in this industry we like to employ our fitters rather than have contractors. This gives you the security of work, holiday pay, pension contributions etc.

Plus, we want the best team, so we offer very good salaries for the right people. If you are an experienced, versatile and hard-working fitter, can combine excellent workmanship with quick work and are looking for a new challenge then please get in touch and let’s have a chat.

Call Daryl 01394 420774

Black UPVC window installation 18th January, 2019

The transformation of this building is significant with the new UPVC window in a black finish.

The large window allows far more light into the room, and it look fabulous.

New UPVC windows 18th January, 2019

You can see this property in an earier news story. The original window was too small and didn't let sufficient light in for the space to be used as a studio.

WIth a background in building the Colourchange team cut a larger hole and installed a lintel.

Black UPVC windows 18th January, 2019

Tranform your property with new windows. With a background in building Colourchange UPVC are well placed to offer a transforming solution to changing your windows.

Here the existing windows are too small and do not let in enough light.

A new front door for your home 18th January, 2019

Obviously the front door is the first thing you and your visitors see. If your door is not as you would wish it to be you can look at our onsite colouring services or get a new composite door or UPVC door from us.

From quotation to installation you will have a trouble free experience and will be delighted with the results.

Painting of windows and doors 18th January, 2019

The previous news item showed the preparation of the UPVC painting. Here we see the final product. UPVC windows and doors painted using the latest colour bonding technology.

Colour your windows and doors with the assurance of a 10 year warranty with Colourchange UPVC.

Contact us today

Getting a house ready to be painted 18th January, 2019

Our on site colouring team can transform the exterior of your home.

All external windows and doors can be coloured. With 30,000 colours to choose from and the latest paint bonding technology, guaranteed for 10 years, you can are sure of a quality product applied by skilled technicians.

Contact us today for a quote.

Recolouring doors to any colour you can imagine 16th November, 2018

The example in this picture is a section of a stable door that we have transformed from the classic white. Now a more contemporary grey door which is warmer and richer in colour. At Colourchange we know how to transform the colour of windows, doors and conservatories and can guarantee they won't feel, flake or blister

Fit a replacement conservatory roof in time for Christmas 12th October, 2018

Extend your living space in time for Christmas. If you have a conservatory that is too cold to use in the winter you could have that changed in time for Christmas.

An insulated replacement roof on your conservatory transforms the space into a room that you can use all year round.

Celebrate Christmas with your family, or use the space to escape for peace and quiet!

Another insulated roof added to a conservatory 17th September, 2018

Adding an insulated roof to a conservatory means that you will transform the space to a room that can be used all year round.

The insulation will keep the room warm in the winter and in the summer protect from the room becoming too hot.

Coloured doors at Colourchange UPVC 14th September, 2018

The picture shows an example of a door section we recoloured from an yellow/orange pine colour to a colour more contemporary and appealing.

With over 30,000 colours to choose from we will find the right colour for you

Super event to raise money for the St Elizabeth Hospice 20th August, 2018

Families enjoyed an amazing experience on Sunday 19th August when they had the chance to ride, scoot and skate on the runway at Bentwaters Parks.

The old UASF Bentwaters runway provided a unique environment which was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. The event was sponsored by Colourchange UPVC and raised money for the St Elizabeth Hospice.

A huge thank you to Sarah at Bentwaters Parks for allowing us to use the runway, a massive thanks to the Marshalls, Eastern Community Assistance Team and Raynet who were fabulous.

For more pictures please visit:

On site colouring 16th July, 2018

We are frequently asked if we can colour windows that are already installed. This refreshes the appearance of a property, transforming your home.

I use the term colour rather than paint because UPVC has silicon within it and this prevents normal paint from bonding to the surface. Painted windows often look great when first done but a little bit of heat or a cold snap will often see blister or cracks forming.

We use a bonding technology which creates a chemical reaction between the frames and paint, when this dries the surfaces are bonded together. By the nature of the process we can only colour the exterior surfaces, not internal.

Whether doors, a conservatory or windows we can transform your home.

Customer reviews show a positive 99% figure 21st June, 2018

We seek reviews from all our customers, not all complete the online review, some complete the paper version which are all reproduced on our colouring and conservatory websites, all the reviews are listed - good and bad! You can see these here

The following information is taken from these forms. Half way through the year and 87% of customers scored us 10 out of 10, and 8% scored us 9 out of 10 a total of 95% scoring 9 and 10's. The total client satisfaction score was 839 out of 850 which is 99%.

We are organising an event! Runway Sunday 4th June, 2018

Last year we sponsored the London to Paris bike ride which was raising money for the St Elizabeth Hospice. This year we have upped the ante and are organising our own event for families.

Again it has a cycling theme, but this time we have added in Scooters and Skateboards and a runway.


With a Massive, Massive thanks to Bentwaters Parks we are able to offer people the chance to ride, scoot or skate on the runway at Bentwaters, Rendlesham. A unique experience. 


Normal sportive, charity rides are set over 25 miles, 50 miles or 100 miles. Great for cycling enthusiasts but less inclusive for the broader family. Welcome to Runway Sunday - with a 2.3 mile circuit or a flat 1 mile length this is a perfect, safe location for the family. Book your place at this fun event as soon as you can. Visit for all the details.

Looking for a colour for your door? 30th April, 2018

The last news item featured a purple door that raised a few eyebrows, a very bold and individual choice. Here we have blue sliding doors, The customer decided on a blue exterior and white interior and everyone that has seen it has said how great this particular blue is.

More colour transformations at Colourchange UPVC 27th April, 2018

A customer recently asked us for a door in a particular shade of purple. The colour associated with Cadbury's. The photos shown here shows the door in the paint booth undergoing the colouring process.

Colourchange UPVC offer 30,000 different colours using the latest colour bonding technology that is guaranteed for 10 years.

Another fantastic transformation of a conservatory 9th March, 2018

Our professional and skilled fitting team have transformed another conservatory. They replaced the old Poly Carbonate roof with a new, super insulated Warmroof.

Now the conservatory can be heated effectively in the winter without all the warmth being lost through the roof, In the summer the super insulated roof will keep the room cool. They have transformed an old and tired conservatory into a wonderful new room.

Colourchange UPVC can change the roof on your conservatory or build a new conservatory from scratch, please give us a call or come and visit our show room in Rendlesham.

A client was seeking a very specific shade of dark brown - no problem 12th February, 2018

Our talented painter created this perfect finish to exacting colour requirements.

The Colourchange Spray Booth in full production 12th February, 2018

The new Colourchange spray booth allows us to paint with greater speed. With better extraction control and the ability to dry the paint the team can work on numerous projects in a day

The new spray booth has been installed and is up and running 12th February, 2018

Our spray booth was completed just before Christmas and is now fully commissioned and working perfectly. The investment in this "state of the art" colour spray booth came about because of the increase in demand for coloured windows, doors and conservatories.

Colourchange UPVC are leading experts in colouring services on UPVC and aluminium products supplying to the retail and trade markets. The new colouring facility enables us to colour items in a matter of hours, rather than the 48 hours it took in the old booth. This quicker turnaround will support the trade side of the business allowing Colourchange UPVC to significantly increase production.

Colourchange UPVC approached the local business community to discuss the best way to move ahead with this investment and were delighted to receive funding from the Small Grant Scheme, an initiative supported by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and the European Regional Development Fund.

NEW SHOWROOM! 10th May, 2016

Visit our showroom today - Bentwaters Business Park, Rendlesham IP12 2TW

Open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

9am-1pm Saturday